Friday, July 06, 2001

Ok, I saw this movie on Friday. What first attracted me to it? Well, two words... David.... Duchovny. C'mon, if you don't think the guy is at least INTERESTING, you need your head checked.
He's almost the perfect guy! Smart, funny, drop-dead gorgeous, and talented. Now, no one believed he could be funny in a movie, considering his long stint as the fairly straight Fox Mulder on the X-Files. Well, guess what, HE'S FANTASTIC!! He flexed some major comedic muscle in this movie, and it was well worth it. Ok, basic premise... An asteroid hits the Earth, carrying with it single-celled life forms which begin evolving at an alarming pace. Our heroes, Doctor Ira Kane (David) and Harry Block (a very cool Orlando Jones) are the first to make this startling discovery. Ira's name has been damaged since he was fired as a government scientist when a project he was working on went bad. Hoping he can get himself out of the Arizona collage he has ended up teaching in, he is, to say the least, excited about his discovery. But, things start to take a turn for the worst when the Army takes over. No one will listen to him, considering his bad record. The army decides it's time to get rid of the little buggers, and well, let's just say you have to see it to really take full advantage of the outcome;)
Sean William Scott and Julianne Moore are in this movie too, finishing off the great team of alien hunters. They all work off each other so well, it's the best:)
My rating for this movie? Two thumbs up, 5 stars, and all that jazz. It was very funny, the movie never taking itself too seriously. And it was definitely NOTHING like the X-Files, David's Ira being NOTHING like Mulder. (When did Mulder ever grab his crotch saying to a general, "Come get it!"?)
I'm not sure this is the movie to take a five-year-old to, (Someone did when I went,) But teens and adults would really like this. There was a very good response to it in the theater, everyone laughing like crazy. You should definitely go see it, even if you have no clue who David Duchovny is:)